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WorkAbility is excited to let you know about its first store that opened online and in the local community in 2022 and is providing supported work to local people with Autism and other special needs. 

Our online store is called Eco-Ability. We sell refill products, with natural ingredients for your bath, body and home. We are also now selling a range of products from Wild Hare in Longwood. If you live local and order from our online store you can also pick up your purchases at Wild Hare on set days of the week. More partner stores are coming soon!

At Eco-Ability we encourage our community to:

  1. Refill - to cut down on single-use plastics

  2. Reuse - instead of adding to landfill pollution

  3. Revalue - all of the people with different abilities in our community.

If you sell products or services that compliment our work then please contact us - we are happy to collaborate with other companies that have a similar mission.

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Help us to launch our own physical 

Eco-Ability store by making a tax-free donation now.

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